LogixSim Suite

LogixSim combines four simulators in one, and provides unlimited possibilities for the design, testing, and debugging of control devices and automated equipment as well as circuit schematics and systems. From the simplest control circuits to the most complex, LogixSim has the versatility to suit almost any requirement for real-world simulation. Each simulator in LogixSim has an operating environment or “world”. Some, like CircuitLogix, are 2D schematic circuits and diagrams while others such as 3DLab and RoboLogix have single 3D environments including a workbench with shelves, or a robot arm and conveyor system. Multiple operating environments are presented in PLCLogix, which utilizes 12 distinct “worlds” ranging from car washes, to traffic lights, to packaging systems.

LogixSim is the only simulation product of its kind. Other simulators provide one, or possibly two types of simulation and all with a limited range of circuit configurations and control capability. Most commercial simulators are focused on electronics circuit simulation, which has been around for decades and while it is still useful, it is no longer the core requirement for knowledge of electronics and control systems. Instead, what is now required is a comprehensive “inter-professional” knowledge of electricity, electronics, electro-mechanics, robotics, and automation (PLCs).

Engineers, technologists, technicians, electricians and maintenance mechanics are all required to have current, up-to-date knowledge in control systems applications. In addition to knowledge of electronics, those with education and experience in PLCs and robotics are in the greatest demand in the 21st century. LogixSim provides realistic simulation of equipment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The PLC simulator, PLCLogix, is so accurate that it is considered to be the same as actual hands-on use of the RSLogix 5000 PLC.

Regardless of whether you are a first-year student or an industry professional with many years experience, LogixSim is an extraordinary resource tool for learning and refreshing your knowledge. For educators, LogixSim is a valuable classroom resource for use in computer labs and for home assignments. Courses taught in a range of subjects from basic electronics to programming languages can all benefit from LogixSim’s simulation tools. For students, it provides unlimited practice and trial-and-error experimentation and provides a practical “hands-on” method of learning complex devices, equipment and systems.

LogixSim features the following simulators:



3DLab is a "virtual reality"-type of environment and is designed to closely replicate the appearance and functionality of actual electrical and electronic devices and instruments. 3DLab features a workbench and shelves containing over 30 realistic-looking devices which are interconnected to perform a wide range of DC/AC experiments and laboratory projects.



CircuitLogix is a software program that converts your computer into a fully-functioning electronics laboratory with thousands of components and devices that are easily interconnected. CircuitLogix is a SPICE-based 2D-schematic editor, which provides simulation of analog, digital, and mixed-mode devices and circuits.



PLCLogix is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) simulator that emulates the operation of an RSLogix 5000 PLC. It provides users with the ability to write, edit and debug programs written using the RSLogix 5000 tag-based format. PLCLogix also features 12 "real world" 3D control application environments including batch processing, elevators, traffic lights, car washes, etc.



RoboLogix is a robotics simulation software package that is designed to emulate real-world robotics applications using a five-axis industrial robot based on the FANUC LR-series of robots. RoboLogix allows you to write, test, and de-bug robotics programs and observe the robot’s operation using a realistic-looking manipulator in a 3D simulation environment.